Various Ways To Style Black Dress Shoes

Posted by Lee Fleming on

The work shoe colour of choice was black for a long time but more recently the work shoe options has enlarged both in style and colourway which has only been elevated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The way we dress for work has significantly changed and the scope between business formal and casual dress has broadened. Alongside where, when and how you work the dress code for work has altered and continues to shift depending on how the working week looks.

While the acceptance of tan and brown shoes in the office is a refreshing change the black work shoe will always remain a stylish classic no matter the shoe style. Several shoe designs are reliable office staples but the all time favourite is the men’s black Oxford shoe. The Oxford shoe style is steeped in shoe making history and remains a shoe design with an ongoing legacy. As a formal shoe style the Oxford dates back to the 1800’s and is associated to the famous English institution, Oxford University. Originating from a half boot called the ‘Oxonian’ in 1825 which featured narrow slits on the sides making it more comfortable for students to wear around campus than the fashionable high boots of the time.

Oxford shoes are characterised by a closed lacing system where the shoelace eyelets tabs are attached under the vamp as well as featuring a low heel and exposed ankle. The men’s Oxford shoe has developed over time and is now available in an extensive range of different styles including the plain, toe cap, brogue and wholecut. Oxford shoes feature in nearly all of the Barker collections including the Handcrafted, London, Professional and BarkerTech ranges. Made on various last shapes from a widespread range of leathers and colourways to choose from its important to take your size and sizing into account when investing in any pair of Goodyear welted style no matter the style.

The Oxford toe cap is a classic shoe design favoured by many with the most popular Barker styles being the Arnold, Bank, Malvern and Winsford styles in black. For those of us who prefer rubber sole Oxford toe cap shoes the Burford and Chigwell styles are made from premium calf uppers on a durable Dainite rubber sole. 

The Barker Oxford brogue is a traditional shoe design that features in the Country, London and Professional collections. The Albert, Hampstead, Malton and St Ives can be discovered in the Professional collection along with the Coleman Suit Sneaker Oxford Brogue, a recent development by Barker made on the 499 last from premium calf leather on a lightweight EVA sole.     

Although the men’s Derby shoe is seen as a less formal style when compared to the Oxford we’re seeing more worn for work due to the added comfort of the open lacing system. Staple Barker Derby shoes in black include the Angel, Ellon, Nairn and Woodbridge styles.
A black slip on loafer is a elegant work option with the Barker Caruso, Gates and Portsmouth Penny Loafers being highly recommended from the Barker Loafer range. For Tassel Loafers the Clive and Studland styles from the Professional collection are great work shoes if you want to stand out in the boardroom.
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