How to Style Barker Derby Shoes

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Derby Shoes


When looking to invest in a pair of comfortable Goodyear welted shoes you’ll often find yourself browsing Derby shoes as their open lacing system fits many foot shapes. The construction of a Derby shoe includes the closing panels being sewn on top of the vamp to give the shoe a solid appearance and more room for a higher instep when compared to an Oxford shoe, the Derby’s main counterpart.

Originally a sporting and hunting boot introduced in the 1850’s, the Derby became appropriate to wear around the city but has always remained a outdoor staple. Due to the Derby’s Country roots there are several Derby’s featured in the Barker Country collection including the Nairn and Skye plain toe styles which are made on the 29 and 464 lasts from premium leather on a Dainite rubber sole. The Barker Kelmarsh is a popular Country collection Derby style that features full brogues detailing again on a Dainite rubber sole for hardwearing properties. Over time the Derby shoe as gone from being seen as a rugged outdoor shoe to a style that can be worn as a dress shoe at formal events or occasions depending on the choice of materials used to make the shoe.


Derby Shoes


As a versatile style the Derby can be styled in many ways from classic Country outfits with heritage brands such as Barbour, Connelly and Gloverall but can also be worn with luxury silhouettes from high end fashion labels. Whether you wear a pair of Barker Derbies with a pair of jeans or chinos to tailored suiting the style is a trusted companion that will work with your wardrobe. During the Summer months Derby shoes can be styled with shorts depending on the shape of the shoe.



The Barker Spring / Summer 2021 collection features Derby shoes in several collections other than the Country range. Alongside the extensive range of Oxford shoes within the Barker Professional collection there are several men’s formal Derby shoes including the Darlington, Lyle, Morden and St Austell styles as well as Larry and Woodbridge Derby brogues.


Ellon Derby shoes


The BarkerTech collection includes the highly recommended Ellon Derby which is made on 493 last from calf and suede leather on a leather sole with a rubber forepart. Ellon is most of Barker’s most comfortable Derby shoes due to the BarkerTech Goodyear welted technology which features a three part flexible insole and removable in-sock to provide provides arch support, shock absorption and antibacterial properties.

The Creative collection includes the Antony, Bailey, Haig, Hawk, Jackson and Woody Goodyear welted styles which are made from a variety of leathers including unfinished crust leather that is painted by hand at the Earls Barton factory.


Wilson Derby Shoes


The Barker of Earls Barton Archive collection also features several Derby shoes that have been inspired by Country and Professional collection styles including the Nairn and Lee F fitting styles. The Derby styles inspired by archival shoe designs reinterpreted for the modern day include the Berry, Milbury and Wilson Derby shoes which are available in seasonal suedes on Dainite rubber soles for this season.